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Control your expenses, set limits and track reports coupled with our exclusive business cards.
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Halal Cash is going for a banking. We are happy to announce that we are sending the application to the Prudential Regulation Authority of the Bank of England and Financial Conduct Authority for a banking license, as well as we are going to build a partnership with MasterCard International to offer our competitive products for you.
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Evolve your business with Fincofex. Just fill in an online application and start completing the due diligence process.
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Make payments to your partners, employees, freelancers and contractors by using our batch payments tool.
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Send and receive payments globally. Move forward and expand your business internationally with our exclusive multi-currency account.
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Sharia Compliant
Being Sharia compliant means that you strictly follow non-interest banking policy by providing clean money operations to all your clients. With Fincofex you can receive and exchange funds in over 45 world currencies with 0% fees being added on any of its financial services.
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